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The 38th Infantry, shown here behind workmen in Kansas, acted as escort for railroad workers suveying and engineering major lines as they began to cross the country just after the Civil War. The 38th along with the 39th, 40th and 41st were combined in 1869 into two units, the 24th and 25th.


The 9th Cavalry in Pine Ridge, South Dakota. This photograph was taken during the winter of 1890. Note the heavier coats and hats.

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This is a 9th Cavalry Trooper assembled as part of a unit portrait made, probably in the late 1880's.
This is a 10th Cavalry Color Guard, probably photographed in 1917 or 1918. The uniforms are in transition but the blue and gold have been replaced by olive drab.

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Dewey B. Bess 6th Battalion, 165th Brigade. Photo probably taken in 1918.

This is painted picture of the attack on Fort Sumter. This move by the Confederate Army is what initiated the Civil War.


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